Mid-Century Couchtisch aus Glas & Teak von Georges Frydman für EFA

890.00 EUR
This EFA coffee table is a typical example of Georges Frydman´s design: geometric lines, transparencies, and a contrast between the black glass plates and the teak. The coffee table consists of a black lacquered metal frame of square section, a transparent glass top, and a double glass and teak top. It was designed and produced by Georges Frydman, the founder of EFA. The design is typical of the French mid-century modern era. The lower tops are 14 and 21cm in height, respectively. Georges Frydman is one of the French modernist designers who changed the relationship to furniture after the Second World War. Very strongly influenced by the functionalist principles of the early 20th century (Bauhaus, Chicago School ...) and admirer of the doctrines of Charles Edouard Jeanneret known as Le Corbusier, Frydman founded the ´´Equipement Fonctionnel de l’Habitation´´ which later became EFA. The furniture imagined and made by Georges Frydman is very often architected by metal structures, with exotic woods, colored panels, and glass plates.