Vintage Couchtisch von Jean Claude Mahey

2 703.00 EUR
This coffee table is made of burl walnut and Coromandel with a polished finish and solid brass details. It was made in the 1980s in France. There are two types of veneers and legs with three cuboids. There are two external coromandel pillars placed at each side of an internal, slightly lower in height, polished solid brass pillar. With this positioning, the brass pillar peaks out from the Coromandel in several places while the table is seen vertically or from the top. Each coromandel pillar is finished with a solid polished brass square-shaped cap. The top wooden surface is cut out from the legs. This shape is highlighted by an interlocking geometric pattern of Coromandel in a dark tone, on the main background of burl walnut which is a lighter tone. There is a gloss lacquer finish on the wooden surfaces. Under the top there is a square section polished solid brass frame running between the four legs and the top is screwed in place. Additional dimensions: The solid brass square detail at the corner top of the legs measures: Width: 8 cm, Depth: 8 cm.